DORNEL is a wholly owned United Kingdom company jointly owned by two former employees of what was then the world’s largest provider of high-power industrial metallic resistors.

In his former role, DORNEL’s Technical Director was the Principal Engineer and acquired 18 years of extensive successful experience in the design and application of high-power resistors across a broad range of end-uses. He developed new product ranges and was especially successful at devising effective solutions to very difficult thermal/environmental problems. Patent filings were made on a number of his developments. DORNEL’s Managing Director accrued a similar number of years’ successful project-management and managerial experience. It was this experience that led him to what was then MEP Postrelmov a.s.

The SUB Group is one of the Czech Republics largest providers of Electro-mechanical components and machinery providers, it is a rapidly expanding company with sales growing globally year on year. DORNEL are assisting the SUB Group with this growth in all areas.

The co-operation between DORNEL and MEP Postrelmov a.s.SUB-07 creates great strength in the Industrial marketplace, and there are positive plans for the continued development of new and improved product-offerings.

MEP Postrelmov a.s. started business in 1931, manufacturing control equipment for airports and train stations. Since then it has expanded many times with corresponding increases in its product ranges. It is now one of the largest, most efficient and most cost-effective manufacturers in the Czech Republic and works with major OEMs throughout the world. Its facilities include foundries and machining/fabrication centres equipped with modern CNC fabricating equipment and the latest 3-axis milling/turning machines.

The SUB group of companies are all based in the Czech Rep, and produce a vast range of equipment ranging from convection heaters, to ship to shore cranes, and everything inbetween, including a foundry, plating shops & finishing shops offering sub-contract services as well as serving SUB's own manufacturing requirements.

Furthermore the SUB group has since recently expanded further to incorporate Tosas (TOS) SUB-TOS 09 whose expertise in the manufacture of machinery for grinding, turning, & milling is second to none.

These pages go some way to list the capabilities of SUB, if you have any requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details supplied.

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