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All high-power resistor applications have different performance criteria. The resistorís thermal performance is fundamental and will be determined by Ö.

The mass of element material used, affecting the resistorís ability to absorb transient power without overheating.

The surface area of the element material, affecting the resistorís ability to dissipate power continuously.

At the same time, the shape of the element material must be such that the required electrical resistance is achieved.

In general, Ö

There are complex interactions between the effects of Mass and Surface Area, and computer simulations will be required to determine (a) the most appropriate type of element for the application (b) the optimum parameters of the element to achieve the required thermal and electrical performance. Electrical considerations (such as creepage/clearance distances, inductance, high-voltage performance) and mechanical considerations (such as high shock/vibration environments and seismic activity) will also affect the choice of element

           No single type of element is appropriate for all applications.

For all these reasons, we will select the most appropriate element-type for each application from the wide range of elements available.

DORNEL & MEP-SUB 07 a.s. are also working in close co-operation with one-other to develop new element types (patents pending) to meet the specific requirements of particular types of application.

Resistor Applications:

Neutral Earthing or Neutral Grounding NER - NGR. Traction applications: Dynamic Braking, Cab/Coach heating. Rotor resistance motor starters - Oil cooled - N.A.C. Standard Range 30 - 2500 kW, Load banks: 1 kW - No limitation Mw
The application of Power Resistor types to any given operating condition or criteria are critical:
Dynamic Braking
Motor control
Load units
Earthing - Grounding
MEP Postrelmov
SUB Plant-07
Neutral Earthing Resistors
Starting Resistors
Dynamic Braking Resistors
Loading Resistors
Filter Resistors