Aluminium foundry
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The aluminium foundry is part of SUB-07 but is located in another district, the foundry manufactures aluminium alloy castings using sand and die casting, especially for clients in the automotive and electronics industries.

We offer production of patterns and moulds, heat treatment of castings, leakage test of castings, surface treatment of castings with paint and eloxal coating machining on conventional and CNC machines & machining on conventional and CNC machines
We are able to cast using Sand and Machine mould processes
Manual forming

Mould boxes: Min. 240 x 240 mm - Max. 1600 x 1120 mm
Max weight: 60kg casting accuracy: DIN 1688/GTA 16/5
Machine forming

Mould boxes: Min. 390 x 290 mm - Max. 600 x 415 mm
Max weight: 60kg casting accuracy: DIN 1688/GTA 15/5
Casting to metal moulds

Min weight: 0,1 kg Max weight: 25 kg

Casting accuracy: DIN 1688/GTA 15/5 or GTA 14/5

Die casting

Equipment: CLH400, Closing force: 4000kN

We manufacture casting from the following materials

EN AC-AlSi10Mg (Leg. 239)
EN AC-AlSi8Cu3 (Leg. 226)
EN AC-AlSi12Cu (Leg. 231)
EN AC-AlSi7Mg0,3

We issue assay tests on:

Check of melt by means of thermal analysis
Check of melt gassing by VAC TEST
Check of chemical composition of alloys
Check of mechanical values

Inspection & testing in accordance with ISO stds
MEP Postrelmov
SUB Plant-07