MEP Postrelmov
SUB Plant-07
MEP Postrelmov
SUB Plant-07
The SUB group is a well established range of companies all based within the Czech Rep, they all operate within their own specialist area's of expertise.

It has been decided this year to create a SUB-UK division which will support all of SUB-Groups division's within the UK, and where necessary on a global scale.

The SUB-UK website which is currently under construction will highlight in detail all of the SUB-Group's divisions and their capabilities, and the products which they produce.

Slovacke strojirny, a.s. Uhersky Brod (SUB) itself offers third party manufacture of Gantry Cranes, Rock crushers, Scissor lifts, Tower cranes, to name but a few. This facility also offers a sub-contracting service to anyone that has a need for it.

The Group has many divisions, one of which actually manufactures cutting, turning & milling machines, and machining centres. TOS created in 1856 is a well established company providing state of the art machining equipment to manufacturers the world over.

Dornel predominantely represents the SUB Plant-07, but it is intended for SUB-UK to represent all of SUB-Groups offering. So please watch this space.
Our customer profile is blue chip and includes such names as Rolls Royce, Alstom, Bombardier, GE, Siemens & Hitachi to name but a few.

We manufacture under licence several products for various blue chip companies, such is the quality of our supply.

We serve all industries, including FMCG, Petro-chem, MOD, Marine, Aerospace, Transportation, Transmission & Distribution to name but a few.

We have our own product range, some of which are detailed on these pages, the remainder will be detailed on the SUB-UK site.

We offer a sub-contracting service second to none, we can receive your instruction via practically any electronic means, including a sketch on a piece of paper or a 3-D solid edge file. We have over a 1000 employee's dedicated to the provision of quality engineering supply, be it mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic, we have the Engineers available to interpret your requirement, and turn it into reality.

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